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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does my family have to pay tuition?

A: Valiente College Preparatory is a public school. We are absolutely tuition-free and always will be!

Q: How do I apply for enrollment?

A: Complete an online application form today! If we receive more applications than we have space for, we will hold an admissions lottery every spring. Accepted families must complete an enrollment form.  All families are invited to attend our Enrollment Events in the spring, when acceptances will be announced and families will have the opportunity to complete their enrollment forms.

Q: When did the school open?

A: Valiente College Preparatory opened to 4th and 5th graders in the Fall of 2015.  It grew by one grade level each year until 2018.  

Q: Where is the school located?

A: We are located at 8691 California Avenue in South Gate. Our school building is in back of the First Baptist Church.  Our second site is located on the campus of South East High School at 2720 Tweedy Blvd. in South Gate.  

Q: Will the school remain at the same location for more than one year?

A: Our goal is to ensure our students have the safest and most ideal location to meet our community's needs. We are actively pursuing routes to ensure we either stay in the same location or move only to a site located close to our current building.

Q: Is there a school uniform?

A: Yes, we believe a uniform dress code allows everyone to focus on academic success. Teachers and students alike benefit from removing distractions from the classroom. We will have a simple uniform of navy pants or shorts and a gray polo shirt with the school logo. A uniform polo shirt will be given to every family upon enrollment.

Q: How long is Valiente College Preparatory’s school day?

A: Our school doors open at 7:20 (East campus) and 7:35 (West campus) for breakfast each morning. At the East campus, classes begin at 7:40 and end at 3:13 except on Wednesdays when classes end at 2:02.  At the West campus, classes begin at 7:55 and end at 3:29 except on Wednesdays when classes end at 2:15.  

Q: Are breakfast and lunch offered at school?

A: Yes, breakfast and lunch are offered to all students. We participate in the Federal School Lunch program which provides free or reduced-cost meals to qualified students.

Q: Will the school offer Physical Education?

A: Yes! All students will have 40-50 minutes of structured P.E. 5 days per week.

Q: How many students are in each grade?

A: We believe a small school community is the best environment for supporting the needs of each student. Currently, we have different numbers in different grades due to demand.  We have larger amounts of students in the 6th grade grade.

Q: Who started Valiente College Preparatory?

A: Valiente College Preparatory was founded by Jacob Wertz, a California native who previously served as a school administrator at Urban Prep Academies, a Chicago charter school where 100% of graduates each year were accepted to four year colleges and universities. Additional members of the Founding Team have had experience as teachers, school leaders, lawyers, and other philanthropic professionals. Valiente is hiring a team of highly qualified, credentialed teachers. If you are interested in joining us, visit our Careers page for information on available positions.   Although he founded the school, Mr. Wertz is no longer an employee at the school and the current executive director is Dr. Esther Perez.

Q: Who currently leads Valiente College Preparatory?

A: As of January 2016, Valiente College Preparatory is currently led by Dr. Esther Perez. Dr. Perez brings 13 years of experience in education as she started as a teacher at a middle school in Huntington Park. She has an extensive background in Special Education and has multiple roles within leadership at various schools throughout Los Angeles. Additionally, she has experience within higher education in preparing teachers to earn both their credentials as well masters degrees at Loyola Marymount University. For more information on Dr. Perez, please see her bio on the "Our Team" link.