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Valiente's Clubs!!! » 2018-2019 Club Descriptions

2018-2019 Club Descriptions

Board Game Club: Valiente Board Game Club will challenge students to work together as a team and also independently while playing fun learning games. Led by: Ms. Hernandez


Singing Club: Join singing club for a chance to sing songs as a group and alone. Learn a variety of songs from simple holiday music to songs in other languages. If you have a song you love and want to learn feel free to bring it with you! Everyone can sing so don’t be shy and join the singing club. Led by: Ms. Estrada

Cooking and Baking Club: Our Cooking & Baking Club offers different recipes to learn, try, and experience. Students will learn the basics of cake making/decorating. Also, we will learn how to make comfort and healthy foods. Together students will learn how to work as a team while creating variety of dishes/pastries.

Volleyball Club: The Volleyball Club is open to everyone! We will teach volleyball skills and how to play the game. We will also be playing practice games throughout the year. Led by: Ms. Vasquez

Valiente Student Newsletter/ Yearbook Club: Students will create a newspaper quarterly that will report on Valiente College Prep events, editorials, teacher and student spotlights, and humor. Each student will have the opportunity to learn interviewing, writing, and photography skills. At the end of the year, students will use these skills to contribute to the Valiente College Prep yearbook. Led by: Ms. Del Real

Painting Club: When you join our schools' Painting Club, you will have the opportunity to create a variety of paintings throughout the school year. Painting Club will allow you to sit back, relax and enjoy the power of art. Painting Club members will create one to two acrylic  art pieces per month. Note: all Painting Club members will create the same art piece with their own personal touch. Led by: Ms. Iniguez

Fashion Club

Fashion club is all about encouraging the students to be confident within themselves and project a more confident, self assured demeanor. Dressing up properly with a dash of panache while also improving their social and interaction skills in/outside the classroom environment. Students will learn how to project themselves while doing some fashion research, history and dressing up like a model. We will be doing a "Runway Show" at the end of the school year. Students will walk on the runway while they are dressed up with their chosen styles. We will also do a field trip and watch a live fashion show so that the students will experience the glamour and intensity of seeing a real fashion show and have an idea on what is really going on in the fashion industry. Led by: Mrs. Cofinco

Classic Movies Club

Come join us to watch classic movies!!  These are the original movies and musicals that have been remade!  We can not allow these movies to be forgotten!! They will enhances one’s conversation and knowledge!! Led by: Ms. Escalante

Music Club

Students who join the music club will learn the fundamentals of music such as reading sheet music, rhythm, and theory. Regardless if you are a beginner or advanced, all skill levels are welcome. However, this club will require strict dedication and strong teamwork skills. (You may need to practice your instrument at home or in after school.) If you are excited to work with your peers and learn how to play an instrument, please apply and make some noise. Led by: Ms. Kim & Mr. Ng

Marathon Club

The Marathon Club is designed to create an environment where runners of all skill levels can train for upcoming competitions or just run with others that share their love of running. This club works hard to actively introduce, teach and inspire our veteran or new runners in all things related to running. Throughout the year, students will participate in various running events, ranging from 5K runs to marathons like the LA Marathon in March, as well as train arduously by receiving a personalized training schedule and coaching by a former collegiate athlete. Students occasionally will have the opportunity to train with high-level coach volunteers and receive special perks such as discounted running gear, shoes and access to races.  Led by: Mr. Jimenez-Hernandez

Sports Club

Sports club welcomes everyone who is interested in participating in recreational sports as part of extra-curricular activities.  Anyone who is interested in joining the sports club will not be expected to be a "top athlete." Sports club will help you practice and compete, but most importantly, will be a club where you can make new friends.  Students who are interested should join with an open mind and are expected to try new sports every month. This new year, we will be participating in scrimmage games against other school teams. Led by: Mr. Cortes


Spirit Squad

Love to perform or make new friends? Join the Osos Spirit Squad! Our Osos spirit squad focuses on creating a fun, welcoming, and cheerful environment for all. Participate in supporting our fellow Osos in sport events, learning fun cheers and routines, and bring forth a sense of school spirit. So bring your best smile and school pride and join the Osos Spirit Squad! Led by: Ms. Romero

Bear Student Government

The Bear Student Government (BSG) Club will allow students to practice the ACTS values through leadership and service opportunities at Valiente and within the surrounding community.  We will have elections for positions such as President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Classroom Representatives. BSG Club will help plan and fundraise for school activities and functions and also work in conjunction with the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC).  They will also participate in various community service projects and create the school yearbook. Led by: Mrs. Olvera

Flag Football Club

The goal of the Flag Football club is to teach the fundamentals of the game of football. We will learn how to catch a football, throw a football, run routes, and play defense. Each week we will compete against each other in 7 on 7 competition. Led by: Mr. Gamino

Drawing and Art Club

Let your ideas bloom! In the drawing club we will practice our skills and learn to draw new things.  We will also learn how to work with different technique and media to expand our creative minds. Led by: Ms. Gutierrez

Environmental Club

Are you a lover of science? Does the environment fascinate you? Then the Environmental Club is the place for you! The environment is a major topic that is often ignored by the mass media (ex: news, culture). Despite progress in the last few decades and technological advances, the environment continues to be suffering at the hands of human activity. This will have major implications for future generations. Led by: Mr. Mac